When I was young, my mother would often have to take me with her to meetings and such, since her childcare options were limited. The Junior League was then located at the Burbank Livingston Griggs house, and for one such meeting, my mom set me down in one room, with a big box of raisins (not the individual size, but the full 16oz package). When she came back to check on me 10 minutes later, I had already eaten the entire box.

To this day, I can't eat raisins.

Other than that, I was the kind of kid that was excellent to take to meetings and events — well behaved, charming, could entertain myself. Patrick too reports that he could sit through his mom's classes and rehearsals, with a book or some Hot Wheels cars, and nary a peep.

I thought of that tonight, when I had a meeting and Patrick was at a concert. Beatrix is great at events — she loves parties (her first one was a 400-person cocktail party, which she attended in a sling), and going to shows. I was worried about how she would be at tonight's meeting though, since there was not really anything to entertain her. But she was a total rockstar — quiet, sweet, and well-behaved. My daughter is amazing.

I won't offer her any raisins, though.


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