I'll admit that I am hard on knives. I've reformed from bad habits like using them as substitute screwdrivers and putting them in the dishwasher, but I don't sharpen them with any regularity and my knife-use skills are likely sub-par. The 7" Wusthof Santoku knife is my most-used item, if only because I can be reasonably sure it's appropriate for most uses.

So I was a little bummed out when it got a large chip at the end of the handle, right above the rivet. Our 6th anniversary is coming up, for which the "modern" gift is "iron," so I decided to get Patrick a new one. Yesterday, I headed over to Eversharp knives in NE Minneapolis.

I walked in with the old knife so I could compare. The nice young lady who came out to help me walked over, took one look at my knife, and grabbed a shiny new one, presenting it to me free of charge, although I don't think I had purchased the original knife there. "We want to be sure you're happy with the experience," she smiled. "Everything we sell here is guaranteed."

Those of you familiar with me know that I remember customer service experiences, both good and bad, for a long time. With that one move, Eversharp guaranteed themselves a customer for life.

Even if the customer service experience is not important to you, I would recommend checking them out. Their prices are excellent, and they have just re-organized and replenished the stock, so they have a lot of new items. The salesperson also mentioned they have their tent sale coming up June 7-10 (I think).


Anonymous said…
I love Eversharp!

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