Happy Hydrangea

From my gardening posts lately, you can see what's on my mind.

Today I broke down and bought myself a somewhat expensive plant.

I've always wanted hydrangeas by the front steps. First I wanted tree hydrangeas, but they are expensive. Then, when the Endless Summer varieties first came out, I wanted those, but now I have them at Summit and they are kind of underwhelming. Eventually, I did have a small white hydrangea there, that Dale Bachman gave me as a thank you for hosting his daughter's wedding at Jeune Lune.

That hydrangea lasted for years and made me very happy, but this spring it just did not come up. I don't know if it was the lack of snow cover, or the work on the porch, but it was just gone.

So I dithered for awhile, and priced them out at several stores, and tried to see if I could move something else into the place, and then I finally gave up, went to Frattalone's today with a coupon, and bought the Twist and Shout hydrangea that I wanted. I carefully prepared the hole with coffee grounds I had saved, and got it right in the ground.

Doesn't it look great?


Patrick also got the yard leveled off, and so we can finally plant grass. I got new doormats for Mother's Day, and the beds are generally planted. If I just get the front bench painted, it will all look great!


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