Cold, Hard, January

People in my business hate January. There are W2s and 1099s to get out, with people already chomping at the bit to get them on January 2. (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, 1099s are a nightmare to get right). There are quarter-end forms and annual filings. Every year, it seems, one more grantor decides it's a good idea to move an annual report filing or grant deadline to January — and they are always the complicated ones (I'm looking at you, Minnesota State Arts Board). Inevitably, board meetings and other deadlines creep in, plus just everyday work.

Then there are the other Life Decisions. This year, St. Paul Public Schools changed its application deadline to February 15. In January we have toured six potential schools for Beatrix, averaging 3 hours each between arranging the tour, getting to the school, and taking the tours. (plus extra time in frantic analysis of test scores).

Add to that work on the Winter Street house, the fact that Beatrix and I both got really sick, keeping her out of school (and with thus no childcare) for over a week and me in bed as much as I could plus with a bad cough that still lingers, and add to it severe sleep deprivation (Beatrix has been having bad dreams and waking up, my mother-in-law has been having problems sleeping, even the animals seem especially nocturnally active — so we've been woken up 6+ times a night after working late).

That's why you haven't really seen me this month. February can't be here soon enough!


Anonymous said…
Bethany. I had a lingering cough last year that lasted 6 month and well into the summer. I finally took my friends advice and took Wellness Formula. I got it at the coop. The cough left within a week of taking double doses. Now I take it whenever I feel something coming on. And knock on wood I have been well so far this flu season. Krista

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