As I commented to a friend yesterday, after Wellstone's death, it's always been the even years that were the hardest. Yet they also have offered plenty to celebrate, including my marriage (2006) and the birth of my daughter (2008).

2012 offered some of the biggest, as-of-yet unresolved challenges to both my personal and professional life yet. Still, there were lots of high points: time with friends, pool parties, Mardi Gras, spending every day with an awesome preschooler and a wonderful husband.

I was pretty much a fail on my 2012 New Year's resolutions, which included things like writing 100 letters and learning to knit. But I achieved two of the life-changing ones, which were to pay more attention to the communities in which I live and work, and to actively promote my family and friends. So I am going to declare them a qualified win.

I futzed around with a lot of ideas this year. I read 72 books in 2012 — why not aim for 100 in 2013? But that's kind of an arbitrary goal, and I will read anyway. Finish house projects? Well maybe a given and maybe no. More socialization? Needed, but not necessarily resolved.

In that vein, here are my 2013 resolutions:

1)  Eat better, exercise more. This is a perennial resolution, and I need to suss how to make it mean enough to actually do it.
2)  Find a dentist. For me and Beatrix. This is a silly phobia that needs to stop.
3)  Gain professional certification by becoming QuickBooks Pro certified.
4)  Build a successful and thriving business with my husband; our new joint endeavor, Gladhill Rhone LLC, starts today!
5)  Work less and create more. This is a scary one, because we are really dependent on my income. But I am feeling pretty fried.


Gretchen said…
On dentists, I am a total convert to the pediatric dentist! Before, I figured it would just be easier to use our family dentist, but we ended up with a ped dentist and I won't move them until we have to. From their approach to their tools (they use low vibration/quiet tools) to their offices, my girls BEG to go to the dentist. Especially if you have a phobia and don't want to pass that on, ask around for recs for a ped dentist.

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