Date Night!

Our joint New Year's resolution, which I forgot to include on my earlier list, was to go on at least one true "Date Night" a month. A true date, where we enjoy each others' company and do something fun, not just a professional obligation or even a party.

We were supposed to start last week, but Beatrix was too sick, so we took an impromptu "date event" and left Beatrix at home with Tisch while we went to Soup Night in the neighborhood. Which was really fun, but not a true "date" by the above definition. Luckily, our awesome new babysitter, Grace, was able to reschedule for tonight. Beatrix was so excited to see Grace tonight that it was practically "Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out, mom!"

Timing was a little tight, so we grabbed a quick bite at World Street Kitchen, which we had been wanting to try. We've been on an unofficial search for the best Minnesota shrimp po'boy, and WSK might have a contender here. Delicious! The bread was the just right — sturdy, not too flavorful, just a useful container, the shrimp cooked to the tender point but not at all rubbery, the slaw tangy and unusually spicy. It's nowhere near as good as chowing down in Patrice's kitchen, but it will do.

IFP is showing the Spirit Awards films free to members (see, another reason to join) all month, and we decided that that didn't really count as a work event, per se. So we saw Sound of My Voice, which was extremely compelling, and gives a lot to think about. As we walked in through the cold, I mentioned to Patrick that, near the end of my first marriage, we had gone to film screening that turned out to be about  coal miners dying in China. Indicative, huh?

My first comment on the way out — "Well, it was no coal miner story."

Great date night.


Shari said…
We haven't had our datenight yet this year. Buying shoes for Jon at DSW (as badly needed as they were) Just Doesn't Count.... ;-)

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