Bad - work up knowing we owe a ton in taxes today.

Good - we (just barely) have the money to pay it. Also, custard cake for breakfast.

Bad - had to call off field work on an apiary National Register nomination today because the weather is just too darn crappy.

Good - results in unexpected day with nothing scheduled, and so I have gotten a ton of work done. Like a cash flow I have been putting off, calling the IRS about SARPA registration, sending off some documents and enrolling in things, laundry, etc. It's amazing how much I can actually get done when I have the time to do it.

Bad - one of the things I did was to fill in little divots in the woodwork of the window I am painting, and I don't think the wood putty will dry today.

Good - at least I got them filled in.

Bad - enormous headache all day is limiting ability to get things done.

Good - I guess that means I need to head to the Y and work out.

And overwhelmingly GOOD - received a large and prestigious grant for one of my clients, something that I worked very hard on but that was a long-shot that I did not think we would get.


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