Some Winter Food

No, I didn't get the date wrong. It's still frozen and snowy here in Minnesota in late April, and today called for some special kinds of food to try to get past the cold.

This morning, Beatrix and I went to a cold Earth Day celebration by the Macalester-Groveland Community Council. One of the activities was a bird-feeder making station — with the late spring, birds returning from the south are having a hard time finding enough food. We're excited to hang Beatrix's bird feeder outside!

Tonight, it was my turn to host book club. The WAMBATS (We Are Marilyn's Book And Tea Society, named after a member who died several years back) have been meeting for...well, over 20 years now. It started as dessert and tea, and far more discussion about the selected book; it has morphed into dinner and wine, and far more discussion about our various lives. Still, I think having met monthly for over 20 years is quite an accomplishment.

Tonight, Patrick served as chef, making my favorite roasted butternut squash gnocchi. I made some mini clementine upside-down cakes; the added challenge was that the recipe was British, so the ingredients were measured in grams. Sadly, I had a lot going on so did not do the perfect food-blogger kind of post that chronicles every step of their making — but I think the final result looks almost as good as they tasted!

Clementines, though, are a winter food. Let's hope soon for some berries, and maybe asparagus...


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