Free via the Internet

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I like free. My stepson, Max, used to say that the best way to drive me crazy was to put me in a round room and tell me there was something free in the corner.

The internet, though, makes all of this a lot more possible. Today, we started out by having a free garden consultation at Phillips Garden. The yard of the Summit house is a badly planned (and overpriced) mess, and we need to do some serious changes, and the folks at Phillips had some great suggestions.

Then, tonight we went to an Art Swap Shanty exchange. You bring a piece of art and exchange it for something else. I've wanted to do this for a year, and it was as fun as expected. Beatrix exchanged a picture for a bead bracelet, and I exchanged a cast belt buckle for a necklace made from a stamp from Egypt.

On the way home, we kept an eye out for Little Free Libraries, and picked out a book for each of us (plus dropped some off — I'm going to start keeping books in the car to stock them as I see them).


Geri said…
We have a bunch of Little Free Libraries in my neighborhood. I could give you a walking tour of them! We also have the Free Poems people down the street.

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