I'm feeling very lucky tonight about the people in my life.

I just got back from a wonderful book club. My book club, the WAMBATS, has been meeting for almost 20 years. We have wonderful meetings, where I'm afraid we discuss the book less than we should, but only because we have so much to catch up on with each other. Our friendships are deep and real, and these wonderful women know me so well.

Last night, we went to our friends Sarah and Kevin's for a Chinese New Year party. Our children are to the age where they can amuse themselves, so we can have all sorts of discussions, ranging from the Oxford comma to everyone's seminal movie. Do you ever leave a party feeling wonderfully refreshed and invigorated?

Already this month I've had some fascinating lunches, wonderful dinners with other sets of friends, a wine and Girl Scout cookie pairing with another array of impressive women, and even some good Facebook exchanges. I don't know what I've done to have such wonderful and fascinating people in my life, but I am very, very lucky.


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