Unleash the Hounds!

I've long wanted to be an Art Hound, but have never signed up to do it. Part of it was that so much of what I see is stuff that I am involved with, part of it was actually planning ahead to see something I'm not involved with, part of it sheer inertia.

But I'm excited to see Gidion's Knot at Pillsbury House (and it's pay-what-you-can, and there's free childcare, and even an art installation in the space). So I pitched it to the friendly hounds, and boom, there I was in the deluxe MPR studios, recording away.

Chris Roberts was a blast to hang out with and talk to, and the other Hounds this week have some fantastic plans, so come on….

Unleash those hounds!


Anonymous said…
Woot! It's about time! :-) Saw your tweet earlier, thanks for posting the link so I didn't have to track it down.

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