Mom Wins

In the case of work/life balance, I'm at best a C-student. Between work, friends, the house, being a mom and a wife, and everything else, I come up short in at least one area daily. But tonight — just tonight — I am reveling in great mom-successes. (Shh, I know this is at the detriment of everything else. But humor me for now.)

Beatrix turned 6 this weekend and was thrilled with her birthday weekend. We somehow pulled off a "Frozen" party (more on that later), and spent the day itself at Como Zoo and Conservatory, a Finnish cultural event at Landmark Center, and at Rainforest Cafe for dinner (her pick, obviously). I can't believe she's 6.

We received word that her portfolio review was successful and qualified her for Gifted and Talented services. We have not made up our minds if we'll send her to the G&T school yet (if we even get in), but we've applied and at least that door is open.

She had African-American Parent Involvement Day today, and Patrick joined her for lunch (BBQ chicken and cornbread - rolls eyes). Next week is her Author Workshop. Plus she has the Valentine's concert this week (she's constantly singing the songs and reciting the poems), and she auditioned and got a spot in the all-school talent show next week. I'm excited that she is learning that hard work and practice pay off.

Perhaps most awesomely, she started her school Book Club today, and tonight she came home and read US a book for the first time, called "Big Ears." She was so incredibly excited about it that my heart totally swelled.

She started her school valentines tonight, and is thrilled that the Summit house is heart-bombed.

Today I received word she was awarded a scholarship for a 2-week summer camp at ArtStart, which helps us get the whole summer lined up. It's still quite the game of summer-camp-tetris (so far in the mix is likely Camp DayCroix, ArtStart, and the Gibbs Farm Museum, with maybe Camp Invention, the Science Museum, and Steppingstone), but it's starting to fall into place.

And she's thrilled to be selling Girl Scout cookies. More on that later too, but we're hosting a wine-and-cookie pairing party or two in the next couple weeks, so let us know if you want to attend, or just want to buy cookies. Her big goal is 1000 boxes — I'll be happy if she does 50!

I try hard, and despite that, I'm not always good at the mom-thing. But right now, at least, it's feeling pretty great.


Carla said…
Bethany slow down you sound like you have six kids! You are doing a great job (and Patrick too)! Beatrix does a great job being 6.
April said…
Aw! She's growing up to be absolutely brilliant. I can't believe she's 6 either! How did that happen!

The summer sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, but I can't believe you're so organised. I've just got round to thinking 'I should think about the summer'.

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