Adventures in Jewelry Rental

(NOT a sponsored post. I'm not big-time enough for those).

My friend Lindsi sent me a link to try Rocksbox for free for a month — it's basically a jewelry rental place that sends you curated (?) boxes of jewelry that you can try out, return if you want to exchange, but if you like it. Each box comes with 3 pieces designed to be worn together, and since I don't wear rings, mine has a bracelet, earrings, and necklace.

It's kind of fun to get the boxes, because they are super cute:

At first I was not bowled away by any of the pieces, but I liked stretching my usual, rather conservative, jewelry choices. Patrick has especially liked me wearing bigger earrings.

I really liked the statement necklace they just sent, and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. But, even at the "member discounted" rate of $40, it's more than I could justify spending right now.

So yesterday, I had some Herberger's coupons, and managed this knock-off basically for free (I had a $35 coupon, this was $33.20, so I added a pair of socks to get both for a grand total of $2.18).

It's not perfect, but I am pretty proud of both my bargain abilities and of my pushing the envelope a little stylewise.

Rocksbox has some deal good through today (November 16) only, where you can get a free month if you use my code. It's I think I get a $25 purchase credit if you become a member, though I'm not sure I'll stick around that long.


Lindsi Gish said…
Love! Nice work!

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