I'm feeling intensely grateful today. For a hot minute I thought about doing a post-a-day kind of thing in November to highlight all the things I am grateful about, but who am I kidding that I would keep that schedule up. So here, in no particular order, are just a few things I am grateful for:

-  My friend Tracy, who offered to carpool to ballet yesterday. We brought her daughter there, and then she brought Beatrix home, but not before taking her out to Bread & Chocolate for a treat. Beatrix now things that Tracy is the best mom in the world, but hey, she is probably right. And thanks to that carpooling, I for several small paint touch-up projects completed.

-  Soup. My friends Erica and Joe host a Soup Swap every year. Everyone brings six quarts of soup, and collects and trades with others. So now our freezer is full of delicious soup. Honestly, anything that can make dinner less of a chore in our household is welcome (and even more so to Patrick the usual chef).

-  Cleaning teamwork. Today we spent hours and hours cleaning Summit to within an inch of its life, the kind of deep clean it really needed and has not had in forever. I mentioned that cleaning that house made me a little sad, because it also reminded me of All The Things we need to do over there. But at least this was one big step to making it better, and we were a fantastic team. (And over here we also got a lot of Beatrix's clothes cleaned through, finished the paint touch-ups, cleaned up her playroom, listed — and sold — several things on neighborhood Buy/Sell/Trade boards, and did laundry.) That extra hours is golden.

-  My pack-rat tendencies. Tonight we relaxed by watching some Rehab Addict, and Patrick always laughs and says the reason that Nicole and I get along so well is that we are always saving and re-using things. But recently, we pulled some of my old toys out of the attic at Summit, and Beatrix has LOVED playing with them. It makes me really happy.


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