(I hadn't originally planned a post on frugality on the day after the election. But it just came out this morning. Hmmm….)

The other thing that has been making me happy lately is re-using things. The other day my awesome friend Sarah gave us several bags of her daughter's hand-me-downs, and Beatrix looks awesome right now in a new-to-her outfit. Last night, I hung "new" curtains in the guest room, also passed down, that make it look 100x more polished an put together.

I have also become part of several neighborhood Buy/Sell/Trade boards on Facebook (including starting one in our neighborhood, which you should join if that's where you live!) Through those boards, I have managed to sell many things I no longer need, like a one piece at a time garage sale. It amazes me the things that people are crazy about, and the ones they pass up. But my "magic milk box" usually yields a few dollars a day when I put things out for people to pick up, and it adds up fast!

At the same time, I have been able to get great things off of those boards — a skirt I get compliments on, a lovely small table, some free eggplant — all while building community. Each board has its own characteristics and people, who you get to "know." Some want a deal, some want the challenge of the hunt, some are truly dedicated to a zero-waste lifestyle.

It's been a year where I have become much more dedicated to re-use, and our lives all the better for it as well!


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