I'm serious about my traditions. So, even though you begin to see Facebook posts about people putting away their holiday decorations, and discarded Christmas trees start lining the curbs waiting for some mysterious tree fairy soon after, we ALWAYS leave ours up at least until January 6. It's bad luck not to.

But there's something else I enjoy about stretching Christmas out, even though it's a hard time of the year for me. It seems like the "Christmas season" begins ever earlier in the fall — and that as we get into Advent, the days get ever-busier. The thing that I like most about celebrating through Twelfth Night is that breather it gives you to still be able to enjoy the holidays, but in a less frenzied manner. There are still leftover cookies and bright lights on the tree, there is maybe a little extra time to get together with friends, and it just makes the holidays seem a little warmer and brighter.

(plus it gives you time to deliver the gifts…)

Last night, as Beatrix set the table with silver placement and gold napkins in honor of the Wise Men, and as she made up a grace to say thanking them for bringing gifts of "gold, herbs, and rice to the baby Jesus," I felt especially thankful that we let Christmas linger.

An epiphany, if you will.


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