Relocating "Hostages"

If you know my gardening proclivities at all, you know that I hate hosta. I have always sworn not to have them in my garden, disparaged them as "hostages," and the like.


There's a muddy spot at the Summit house by the porch, where it's super-shady and nothing will grow. It's generally hidden, but you can see it while sitting on the porch. So today I collected some free hosta from a neighborhood board, and relocated them there. They don't actually look too bad — better than the dirt at least!

I also planted a climbing rose (also free from the neighborhood board), and over the weekend, we planted a fewcheery geraniums (NOT free!) in the front planters. The match the new porch furniture nicely.

One thing I have to do is to figure out what to do with the beds that surround the porch. I think the landscapers were under the influence of something when they designed them. The yews are out of control, and then in front of them is catmint, with spirea in front of THAT (which makes no sense at all). The spirea grows up and totally hides the catmint (well except for this year, when the spirea just looks dead…)

Any of my garden-savvy friends have any ideas for what to do with this? I'll offer pool time and a bottle of wine to whomever comes up with something viable!


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