Things I Suck at That I Did Anyway

(of course, you are thinking that I can't possibly suck at anything, right?)

Just about 9 years ago my mom did a massive landscaping project at the Summit house. Pretty much every day I curse those landscapers (message me if you want to know who NOT to use!) for their maintenance-labor-intensive, strangely planned design.

The ne bright spot is the row of magnolias in the front yard, and for 1 week each year when they are in bloom we have the prettiest house on Summit. But underneath was a wild overgrown forest, so earlier this week we hired a fantastic husband-and-wide pair to clean it out.

But that left the hydrangea dividing and replanting to me. And here's the thing; much as I figuratively dig myself into holes all the time, I super-suck at it in real life. I lack the strength to dig a deep hole, and the footwear to push down hard on the shovel. I always pick the spot with the most roots and usually some giant rock buried about 8" down. I dig, and then I go in with a trowel, and then dig some more, and swear, and curse, and make up tweets that my feed is glad I don't publish.

I'm so bad at it that it took me almost 3 hours to divide and replant 8 hydrangea. And I still don't know what I am going to do with the rest of it.

The other thing I suck at is house parties. My mom used to sell Amway (really, she did), so generally I see house parties and run fast the other way. But my friend Heather, who I admire greatly, just became an Usborne Books consultant — I love the books, and wanted to help her out. So with trepidation, I agreed to hold a party last night.

It turn out to be a ton of fun! It was very low-key — friends just stopped by, and saw the books, and drank wine and ate cupcakes, and we got to talk about books and life and people got to meet each other and it was great. It was very different than other house parties I have been to, and I think everyone had a lot of fun.

(if you still want to order, I have a directed link open through midnight tonight at

Neither of these things seem like much, but they were way out of my comfort zone. And I'm glad I did them!


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