The Internet Cat Video Festival was tonight, and awhile back I convinced Patrick that we should go to celebrate my birthday. Then I convinced Beatrix that the whole event was being held just for me….

So there we were at the new Saints stadium with 13,000 of our closest friends. We got there as the doors opened and it was a blast — cold beer (served by B's kindergarten teacher), people in costumes, giveaways, Barb Abney dj-ing, people-watching, really everything you could ask for.

The night got away from us somewhat when Beatrix and Patrick went to stand in the World's Slowest Face Painting Line. They got back just as the lights were going down for the main event — the videos!

I heard the curator on MPR today and he had some really good advice. Keep it short and to the point, keep people involved, end it at the high point…he should have listened to his own advice.

As befits cat videos, some were hilarious. Some were very touching. And the whole reel was only 70 minutes, so hey, easily sealable. But here's some advice — no one wants to see long music videos, or animation of cats. We are here to see cats doing stupid, crazy funny things. We want Dear Kitten, or the cat in the shark costume riding the roomba. Or we want cute. Give us those, and we are happy.

That said, I'm glad I went. It was a great night and  a good way to celebrate.

And I leave you with this….


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