Summit Garage

It was a busy weekend, but I still found time to get a couple of projects done at Summit that had been bothering me for a long time!

For as long as I can remember, the garage trim at Summit has been in really bad shape. I mean a *long* time, like it looked this bad while my mother has still alive:

So, using some special pains called "Endure" that promises to make a super-strong protective film and last basically forever, I finally painted the trim:

I also added a little raspberry/blackberry patch along the side (thanks to Jennifer for the raspberries and an online listing for the blackberry bush, which has been on my wish-list forever.) Alley garden awards, here I come!
 Meanwhile, our neighbors trimmed their spreading birch, which suddenly made our yard feel much bigger for some reason:

Maybe the biggest win of the weekend, however, was inside, where Patrick fixed the broken shower door. Bathtastic!


Gladys said…
Thanks for the paint tip! We have two garage windows that look identical to yours.

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