There's No Business Like Show Business...

August is always a crazy month. Along with the waning down of summer, AND my birthday, it's always a month with a ridiculous amount of shows to see thanks to the Fringe and other events.

Last night we went to see 1001 Nights at Circus Juventas. Yes, I work for the circus and I am their biggest fangirl. Yes, Beatrix has been taking classes since she was two and was totally enthralled by the whole thing. Yes, Patrick is volunteer rigging for the show. But don't take our word and involvement for it. See it for yourself — there are just a few tickets left!

This is the deal. The CJ shows are always amazing. They are visually stunning, with gorgeous music — but the main draw is always the incredible acts that the dedicated youth performers perform. But I especially loved this show for how it combined all those elements. I'm lucky to be able to work with these people, but you don't need that kind of luck to get involved. You should just see the show, trust me!

When we can, we like to host out of town artists for the Fringe; we've also hosted for other events, like an accordion festival. It's a great way to meet new people and learn about their art, and to feel like you are doing something to help out (if this has inspired you to do so, contact the Fringe office early next summer and inquire about "billeting" — no pay, but you do get some comps). But here's out little secret — in the last several years of hosting, we have actually never seen our guests' shows. It's usually a matter of time, and family-friendliness, and the like.

But this year, the performer are this awesome trio from Massachusetts (hey, how could that go wrong?), and the show, called "Fruit Flies Like a Banana" looked super-fun, so we kept Beatrix up late another night and attended.

And I am so glad we did! The show was incredibly fun, and very innovative, and Hilary, Greg, and Neil are wicked talented! (sorry, another Boston thing there, just came out). I have seen a lot of very good Fringe shows over the years (and maybe some duds too), but this one was by far the best. It sold out tonight, they have just three more performances — YOU MUST GO.


Rachel Hertel said…
Take Beatrix and go see "Spicy Masala Chai". Really. Saturday, 1pm. Buy tickets online, it will sell out.

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