Pool Parties

As you may or may not know, for the past several years, we hold Friday Night Pool Parties.

Pretty much every Friday, we open up the pool and the hot tub and put some condiments and other food on the table. People bring things to share, things to drink, things to grill. Patrick mans the grill and cooks up pounds and pounds of meat products. The fridge gets filled with beer.

Kids jump in the pool and everyone keeps an eye on them. Adults sometime jump in too, or just hang out and talk. People reconnect, or meet for the first time, or meet people in real life that they have only meet online. It's all ages, all stratas of life, all kinds of people.

Sometimes people come once in a summer. Sometimes they come every week. Sometimes they don't make it at all but beg us not to take them off the invite list (as if we would). Everyone seems to need these pool parties (ourselves included).

Last night someone told me that they had been talking to someone who said "I've heard about those pool parties! How do you get invited?"

Which made me smile a little. The parties are anything but exclusive. They are just a way for us to get the incredible people we know and love together on a regular basis. For us to do something good with a pool/hot tub we are fortunate to own. To make great summer memories. To give back, and to encourage people to give of themselves. To all be together something more than we are each individually.

If you've been part of the pool parties, you've been a part of that, and hold a very special place in our hearts. If you haven't made it yet — well, next summer will be here before you know it!


These pool parties have meant more to us than you can possibly know. We typically brought along a couple of our neighbor girls, for whom this is an unimaginable adventure and luxury, and helped them make memories. This made us happy. So did knocking back a beer with good friends. We are grateful to you, Bethany and Patrick, for your generosity and hospitality.

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