Sunday Sunday

In general, I often feel so very lucky about our lives. But lately, we've been in a bit of a rut, overwhelmed and exhausted and generally just worn out. So this weekend, it was nice to regain some of the magic.

Friday night, we attended the Festival of Lights Gala for the Cathedral of Saint Paul. Though religion is not exactly my strong suit, I strongly support the building and its beautiful architecture, and the gala was lovely; plus afterwards, we got to meet friends for drinks at Saint Dinette to cap off the night perfectly!

Yesterday, we got quite a few things done around the house before heading over to the Southern to see one of the last performances of Four Humors "Lolita." (Beatrix did not join us for this one…) I swear, my face *still* hurts from laughing. An amazingly timed comic-tragic-commentary. We spent the night at "Lakansyel: The Music and Dance of Haiti" — which my client the Minnesota Global Arts Institute produced at Sundin Hall — another absolutely compelling performance.

Today, however, was totally perfect. With the girls of Beatrix's book club, we visited her friend Meara's aunt in Willmar (thanks to the amazing Jenn G. who put all this together). We brushed and hugged a pony, fed apples to horses (too windy to ride), and spent time admiring them (Doc was my favorite). We picked raspberries, and petted cats and dogs. We broke open crystalline rocks and incredible ammonites — amazing, shining nautilus fossils encased in the humblest of brown rocks. We visited a small home museum that was absolutely filled with Indian artifacts and fossils and butterflies and rocks and petrified wood and other amazing items. We bought the biggest pumpkin ever for $5. And we ended the night at Beatrix's favorite restaurant (Space Aliens, naturally), where I had a big, delicious Mudslide.

Then we watched the lunar eclipse while driving back, listening to "Hamilton" cranked up high, and then saw it in all its red super moon glory soon after we reached home, standing on the porch with our neighbors, appreciating the moment.

It's true. I'm the luckiest girl on earth.


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