Saturday Spectrum

As usual, our activities last weekend were remarkably varied. That's kind of the story of my life, which I realized last week when I spent a couple of hours strategizing marketing for Skewed Visions (buy a membership, won't you?), and then reserved my tickets for the Cathedral's Festival of Lights Gala.

But I digress….

Much of Saturday was spent at the Renaissance Festival (pics here). Beatrix loves the Renn Fest, and after we hit all of her favorite spots in quick succession (Mermaid Garden, Fairy Forest, Cinderella, and Princess Pavilion) we could wander around and just enjoy ourselves. We ran into our friend Alexis, bought feathers, jumped on the trampoline, pet reptiles and farm animals, saw performances, ate soup in a bread bowl and turkey legs and cream puffs, marveled at sharks in a puddle, saw Twig, shopped, and watched wonderful shows — the best of which, was, of course, the Wacky Chickens.

I've gone to Festival scores of times over the years — as a young child Beatrix's age, in my teens when it seemed all my friends were performing there (because they basically were), and more recently with Beatrix who loves it passionately. And my appreciation for that special place has grown and grown. I believe that, with the encroachment of the mine, it will for sure have to move in the next few years, and I am sad to lose that place and worried about where it will go.


That night, we got a sitter and went to Arch Lights at the Southern, which was billed as a celebration of their first year of the Art Share program and an announcement of next year's season. I've been a little mixed on my Artshare membership, actually, as much of its roll-out has been a bumpy ride. But this event was a lot of fun and very inspiring, and it was wonderful to spend time with friends and to see some people I have not seen in years and reconnect.

My one quibble (uh, ok, call it constructive criticism) is that nowhere was it advertised in advance that this was a fundraiser for the Southern! So we got there, and there was a great raffle for a wall of booze, and mystery wine/growler sales, and a "punch wall" where you could punch through a box and get a mystery prize. The latter was especially appealing because it looked for all the world like it had been a wall of boxes of kittens, where all the kittens had broken through and escaped, and I think a wall of kittens would be an excellent fundraiser.


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