2015 Resolutions - How I Did

Ok, I guess there's no time to squeeze in more work on these, so here we are in the recap. My resolutions were as flows:

Resolution #1 – Use
We have SO much. Our pantry is full of half-eaten food, the desk full of gift cards, the bathroom closet full of lotion and product. This year, I resolve to use all of that stuff, before buying new (as much as possible).

This went well at the beginning of the year, and I think we have used up a lot of things. We lost momentum mid-year, when we had a lot going on and it was just easier time-wise to not have to think as hard about things. So a mixed success I suppose.

Resolution #2 – Re-Use
I have been active on several neighborhood Buy/Sell/Trade boards, even co-founding one for my community. In 2015, I will sell 100 items on those boards (and hopefully not buy 100!)

This went great. I've sold well over 100 things, and found a good way to make the BST boards a good part of my life without succumbing to their easy lure.

Resolution #3 – Create
I’m never so happy as when I am making things, even if it is just simple crafts. In 2015, I will do more of that, though I am resisting setting quotas or measurable for it.

Fail. I made about 2 things.

Resolution #4 – Frame
Frame our art and hang it — it’s not doing any good sitting in a pile. Print photos and frame them.

I rocked this resolution. Almost all of my art is now framed. Now I just need to hang everything!

Resolution #5 – Enjoy Minnesota
I’m always talking about how much I love living here. In 2015, I will enjoy Minnesota more — some Minnesota travel (maybe ice caves, or even just the cabin), attending various summer festivals (goal of 15), museums and other places.

I did pretty well on this. Lots of fun festivals and events. This year will end with a bang, with the History Center today and Sound of Music tomorrow. We live in a great place.

Resolution #6 – Date
For the third year in a row, I’ll go on a monthly date night with my husband. Best resolution ever.


Resolution #7 – Revive Space
When evaluating how I could serve my clients better, I realized that my workspace(s) need some real help. My home office in particular is messy and cluttered, and I think it saps my work energy to face it. I will make this space (and my on-client sites) better and more productive to work in.

I got pretty far in this. It's a mess now, but it's certainly better and far less cluttered.

Resolution #8 – Preserve
Do something I consider significant in the historic preservation field. Still determining what that is.

In my head, I thought this might be the start of a book. In reality, it was a resurgence of interest in my work on conservation districts, and a great contract for a huge survey in Macalester Park. Definite success!


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