Norwegian Wood

I meant to post every day about things I am grateful for, even if it was only short. But I am afraid that, though I try to be Christmas-y for the kid, this still gets to be way too hard a time of year for me. If I had my druthers, I would hibernate with books and cocktails until January 2. But I can't, so...

Tonight I am grateful for the things Beatrix does with groups of people. She and I just got back from volunteering at Feed My Starving Children with her Brownie troop. I'm mixed about the religious nature of the organization, but very, very thankful that it does something to help, and does it well. And I think it was a great lesson learned for the girls. So cynical as I always am going in, I'm thankful now.

I'm also incredibly thankful for her Norwegian dance group! Thanks to my friend Sasha, Beatrix joined just last month, so she has had only one real rehearsal before she performed with the group at the Union Depot Holiday market yesterday. But she jumped right in, and the group leader is wonderfully kind and reassuring, and all the older kids are so sweet and kind to her. She is by far the youngest in the group (and looks even tinier), but she was so happy to be performing and I think she did a great job!

(photo credit to my friend and chosen family member Carrie and her daughter Ava — so happy they came!)


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