IFP Minnesota

I really, really love all of my clients — I would not work with them if I did not. And I generally don't play favorites.

But today, right now, after a great afternoon, I am super excited for, and grateful for, IFP Minnesota, for 4 reasons in particular:

1)  The Spirit Awards. I LOVE the spirit awards. In January and February, you can see the top indie films of the year, 2 shows a night, 2 days a week. The kind of films that don't always play here, or if they do it's because they are also in contention for an Oscar, so they can be hard to get in to see. They screen at the Walker, which is also fun. And they are FREE, and available only to IFP members.

2)  The Member Show. Every year (well, we skipped last year because we were moving), IFP holds a Members Show, featuring members' photography. It's free to enter, and the pieces submitted are fantastic. A couple of years ago, my friends Rachel and Michael submitted beautiful pieces that still stand in my memory. Hey, I might even submit a piece this year. The deadline is January 4 and the show opens January 22, and if you joined from that link above, you're a member, so you should submit!

3)  McKnight Fellowships. Fantastic fellowship grants for mid-career film and media artists (including screenwriters, though there's also a separate screenwriting competition). I'm so impressed with the work that these fellows do.

4)  Plain old donating. My friend Nancy just redid the donation page, and it's super-spiffy. If all this work I am blabbering about (and much much more!) is compelling to you, I would encourage you to throw a few bucks IFP's way. It means a lot.

(If film isn't your thing, ask me about my other clients — I'm sure I can find someone to pique your interest!)


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