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I came late to the whole adult coloring book craze. Much of the time, I would rather make something new than color in something else. However, I do admit to liking, in the past, decorating old black and white prints I got at thrift stores, and once I determined that this was basically a version of that, I was more intrigued.

The trick was to find the right book. I got a nice Cities one recently, but I fell in love with this one when I saw it. It had Paris scenes — perfect to prepare for our Paris trip this summer! It has cats! Win for all.

The first 16 pages were exactly what I had hoped. Cute cats, detailed pictures to color, it was great!

Then many pages with cute cats and patterns. Not especially Parisian, but fun enough.

And then less fun. Cats with yarn, ok. But 1¢ stamps? I thought we were in France. And some sailor cat...

All in all, I would have preferred a smaller book with more pictures of cats doing Paris things. But maybe I just need more of a narrative than the average girl.

The quality of this book is very nice. The cover flaps curl a little in the inside, but maybe just because they are thick. The paper is heavy but smooth. It's perfect for pencils — markers work well too — like every other adult coloring book, just leave your set of Sharpies to sulk quietly in the corner because they bleed through the pages badly.

(Belle was super-excited to open the box. She wants to be a Cat of Paris.)

Of course, the FTC disclaimer — I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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