New Year's Resolutions 2016

And here's the new batch, for accountability if nothing else:

1)  Photos. Frame and display a bunch. Put together some photo books. Organize iPhoto. Get rid of frames that are too twee or that I will never use.

2)  Storage. Organize storage spaces around the house so I can find things and be happier with what we have.

3)  Client work – improve, not just maintain. Circle around to some past clients and make sure they are still doing well. Make a conscious decision to network and land some new clients. Dedicate some real professional development time. Shuffle off client things that no longer make sense.

4)  Exercise. The lack of it is getting stupid.

5)  Get our financial house in order. It’s not totally off the rails, but it could be much better.

6)  Have more fun!

7)  Talk less, smile more. Oh wait, that’s not it.

And those others have for me, so they might as well be mine:

8)  Craft more with Beatrix (that’s hers for me).

9)  Double down on date nights (per Patrick).


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