Out There, Right Now

So, over coffee a few weeks back, my friend Bethany and I were talking about the vast array of things to see and do in the Twin Cities; especially in the winter, it's like our own version of art hygge. During that conversation, I admitted I had never actually been to any of the Walker's Out There performances, ever. So, being a good friend, she promptly invited me to come with her to one, since she had already had a pair of tickets for each.

And I think I'm glad I waited, because this was the perfect first experience. I got to go to the Walker with Bethany, who knows that place like a second home and can share her comfort with me (I've been a little intimidated by that robot head ever since the renovation). I got to see tone of people in the lobby that I really like (bummer for no intermission and intermission-conversations). And most of all, I got to see an amazing performance, Germinal, as conceived by Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort.

Let's just say it was not Zola's Germinal (though I would like to see how those folks would treat that source material.)

And with that I won't say much about the actual show, because if you ever get a chance to see it you should, and it's better if you don't go in knowing too much. But it was a fantastic piece, filled with by conflict between play and thought, words and action, present moment and before/after. It was wonderfully performed. It kept me totally involved. And it was very, very French.

I'm hooked. (thanks, Bethany!)


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