Nurses' Strike

For anyone wondering why I am standing with the nurses during the current strike (the short version):
In Saint Paul, you are generally either a Regions family or a United family. We're United, and during the many times my mom was admitted there during her cancer, she had incredible nurses.
All the times but one.
In her last admission inDecember, 2016, I had gotten to her room a little late that morning because I was setting up a meeting with hospice staff. I figured I had missed the nurse's round and not had a chance to meet him. Mom and I talked for awhile, and both dozed off. When I woke up, I realized I had still not seen a nurse, and buzzed for someone. It took awhile, but her nurse on duty (a "traveler," so not that different than Allina's current "replacement staff") finally came in, took her vitals, and immediately called fro all the emergency staff (including the chaplain).
He had not "gotten around" to checking her room on the last 2 sets of rounds and in just that time, she had developed the pneumonia that killed her ten days later. He admitted he was not trained in cases like hers.
He was sent away immediately afterwards.
The rest of the nurses worked incredibly to make my mom's stay, and her eventual passing, as good as it could be.
But if they had had the support, if Allina had not been so understaffed and had to bring in travelers, if, if, if...she might have at least lived to know she had a granddaughter on the way.
Nurses are incredible people, and Allina has some of the best. They deserve fair working conditions. We, as patients, deserve not to be put in a position where they are not supported.


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