The Rest of Paris

Longer, more detailed posts later, but for now dying to remember all we did!

Day 4:
Our 10th anniversary!

Got a late start due to a grumpy kid, but made it on the train to Versailles.

Long wait in line, but got in and walked through. Incredibly ornate, though the Hall of Mirrors was as amazing as I remembered. I usually like big and fancy, but this was a bit much even for me.

L-o-n-g hike through the gardens only to discover no place was really still serving lunch.

Walked to the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette's village, the theatre, the gardens, and the Grand Trianon. While the Petit Trianon was a bit twee and the gardens extensive, the Grand Trianon was my absolute favorite.

Finally caught a late lunch. Then the crowded rain back.

Wanted to go to Le Coup Chou for a romantic dinner, but was afraid it would not be B's thing. Ate across the street at Le Petit Prince, which was chambering (and even a dog in a basket).

Dessert at Gustine's on the way back (B's first chocolate mousse in Paris - but not her last!)


Day 5:

Another late start due to the late night before.

Abandoned plans for the morning at the Louvre, and went to Les Arts Decora:

tifs instead. Enjoyed the Barbie show with Beatrix (Paul Mitchell was there! And his Barbie-like wife!). Gordoeus Art Deco rooms.

Met Giulia for lunch at L'Imperial Bistro on Rue de Rivoli. She was even more charming in person.

The Louvre (much calmer in the afternoon). No, did not see the Mona Lisa, too over-rated. A couple of hours in the Greeks, Egyptians, and Medieval rooms. Did see the Venus de Milo, and B got a good shot.

Pompidou Center, which turned out to be a great call. Fantastic kids exhibit with photos on buildings. Up the escalator for the great views. Enjoyed several pieces, mainly cubist pieces.

Another round of chocolate mousse at Gustine's (different location).

Went to l'Arc de Triomphe. Did not mean to ascend it (elevator broken) but ended up doing so anyway. Exhausting, but INCREDIBLE view. Beatrix witnessed her first pickpocketing attempt, which made quite an impression.

Kind of meh dinner in St. Michel.


Day 6:

Gardens de Luxembourg, to sail a boat in the pond. B's was Canada.

Picasso Museum (in the Marais). Glad to get there, because it closed early. Later learned it's been fairly controversial, but we found it lovely.

Flunch for lunch. Less good than I remembered. But, wine.

Back to Pompidou for longer at the kids exhibit.

Up to Montmatre to meet Giulia's family. Coffee and cake with her mom while the girls got to know each other.

Walked around, up to Sacre Couer, enjoyed general tourism.

Ate incredible dinner at a tropical French restaurant. Totally treated like VIPs. Late night Metro ride home (get the theme here?)


Day 7:

Catch up day. Finally tried the merengue at the patisserie. So unusual.

Musee de Cluny. Loved the tapestries.

Touristy but good moles frites for lunch.

Walked around and shopped and such in the Latin Quarter.

The Concergerie to see where Marie Antoinette was jailed.

Met Rosy for champagne and a light dinner and walking around.

Went home and packed.

Walked up to the cafe on St. Germain for one more round of mousse and wine. Then up to the river to see Notre Dame lit up.


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