Paris Day 3

The quick summary of our time so far:

Arrived in Paris Sunday morning, late due to mechanical issues. Yay, trains on strike. Taxi to AirBnB.

AirBnB very cute but way way way smaller than expected. Also damp due to recent floods.

Walked around, found a lovely patisserie, had lunch. So good. Beatrix was dying to try a macaron — and hated it.

Shakespeare and Company bookstore — true pilgrimage.

Went back and rested a little (heLLOOOO, jet lag).

Notre Dame.

Seine boat ride in the pouring rain. Great introduction, actually.

Prix fixe dinner in what Beatrix called a very fancy dinner and was actually kind of a touristy place. Still, 10 euro dinner — mussels, omelet, creme caramel.

A little more exploring, back, and to bed.

Day 2:

HeLLOOO, more jet lag.

Walked to first patisserie for breakfast but closed. Walked back to another one and FINALLY got coffee (and chocolate croissant). Much more human.

Saint Chapelle.  Amazing.

Also, got a Paris museum pass. Brightest idea so far.

Walked to the Orangerie. It's far. Stopped several times in the Tuleries to watch dogs, goats, and Swedes (Euro16  here).

Bought B a beret and some Eiffel Tower keychains.

Monet's water lilies. Sublime. (also got to skip the line - museum pass turns out to be a fast pass, but for culture. Win).

Angelina's for hot chocolate. OMG.

Quick rest, Marais walking tour. An area I had never visited before, and full of secrets.

Crepes with cider for dinner (Beatrix buttered pasta). Also delicious gelato.

Eiffel Tower. Not crowded, but ridiculously expensive, so Patrick and Beatrix went up and I waited in the cold (and proceeded to get sick). Beatrix blew bubbles off the top of the tower — magic. Light show at 11pm on the tower — lit up with American flag in honor of Orlando and I cried. Closed Metro stations and drunk football fans quickly brought me back to my senses. LATE night.


Day 3:

Slept in (did I mention late night).

Delicious patisserie open for coffee and chocolate croissants. Then a market.

Now master of the Metro, we headed to Invalides and the Rodin Museum. Perfect.

Then the Orsay. Incredible work, exhausting amount of people. Beatrix kind of lost it, and I don't know that I blame her.

Headed back to the apartment. Indoor picnic with wine and cheese and bread. Much better than it sounds.

Headed back out to experience Galleries Lafayette an other stores. Do you think the US is ready for MC Hammer pants the way they are here?

L'Opera is (still) beautiful.

Harry's Bar. Big (strong) French 75.

Mere gelato on Ile St. Louis.

Night salvaged.


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