(Eating) on the Road Again

To be fair, I owned a version of Road Food by Jane and Michael SternI think the first or second edition, many years ago. It's one of the things I lost in my divorce (along with my copy of the Handmaid's Tale, my Wellstone t-shirt, and the Dancing Rabbit Blow Horn Christmas ornament) that I have missed every time we go on a road trip. And we go on a lot of road trips.

So I was really excited to pick up the 10th edition of the book and to realize that, like the Sterns and maybe even myself, it's only gotten better over the years. It's organized by region and state, with nice maps at the beginning of each sections. Now that I no longer have AAA Trip-Tiks to read as we drive along, instead I can plan our lunch stop and avoid the plethora of truly bad roadside options available. This book means you will never have to stop at a Cracker Barrel for lunch again in your life, and for that alone it's worth the price.

I like the Stern's practicality. I've been to many of the restaurants they pick, and they are good, solid choices. Not super trendy "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" material, but good food, served well, and with character. The descriptions in the book give a nice micro-summary, so you know what you are in for before you get there.

Even our room-mate, who disdains foodie-ism, thinks this is one food book he could really get into and use.

Highly recommended.

Confidential to Elaine and Jennifer — I now have a Clam Shack craving something bad!

(as usual, book provided free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an unbiased review)


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