Picture This

Of all the great classes we've done at the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota lately, I think we are most hooked on the Photo Tours. Honestly, we've kind of become Eric and Kristen groupies!

It all started last year, when we took a tour in the A-Mill and Main Street area in Minneapolis with them last year. We took another one in Lowertown this spring, and then today was on home turf in Ramsey Hill. Even better, we got to bring Beatrix with us with an old digital camera!

The classes have 2 main sections. Eric starts the class with a brief intro to mobile photography (think packing into 20 minutes what he usually teaches in 20 hours at IFP Minnesota). He covers composition, editing, and tips and techniques. Eric makes it all look so easy — hah!

Then, Kristen takes us walking and gives great, engaging, and personal information about the history of the area. Truth be told, there's some half-listening going on while we all jockey for top shots, but most of it sinks in. We leave the tour with some exercise, some fun shots, and a great deal more knowledge.

I need to buffer these up with some photo walks of my own and a lot more experimentation. None of the picture I have taken so far are especially brilliant. But I have learned a lot, and had a lot of fun, and they are great date nights. Maybe all of this creativity will rub off on me, sometime!


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