Summit Spaces

One of my favorite parts of the Summit house is that there are lot of outdoor places to hang out in (and a lot of people hang out in them!). Last weekend, we started to give these spaces a facelift, but I was determined to do it on the cheap.

I started with the back deck, which was looking pretty worn:

I washed it down with some deck wash I had picked up free at HHW, which took some jimmying because our sprayer was broken. I then stained it with some stain I had also gotten free at HHW (and the other gallon I got there went to someone who needed some to stain her Little Free Library.)

The teak table and chairs were pretty gray, so I stripped and refinished those with a 3-step teak refinisher (that I had gotten free off the BST board):

I thought the deck needed some color, so I picked up a cheap outdoor rug on clearance at Amazon. And Patrick washed the gazebo roof and we moved it back onto the deck to provide sun coverage and rain protection.

Doesn't it look great? Now I just need to find a spitting gargoyle fountain or something for the water feature.


As usual, I did not remember to take a before picture of the front porch, but I got that cleaned up as well. I did not spend a lot of time with that, since we still need to rebuild the porch this summer:

What I really want to do all summer is just sit around and read (ok, maybe with cocktails). All this project work is taking up valuable reading time, but does give me some good places to curl up with a  book!


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