Fundraising Season

By last Thursday, I realized I had been to three fundraisers already that week, four if you count my daughter's school Fun Run on Thursday afternoon (for the record, she ran 51 laps! And they raised over 20K for the school!)

On Monday, I attended a fundraiser for Senator Tina Smith at my friend Maggie and Chad's house. It was a really compelling evening, with performances by Shanan Custer and Carolyn Pool, a fantastic testimony from Sarah Stoesz (President and CEO of Planned Parenthood MN, ND, and SD), and a heartfelt speech by the amazing Michelle Hensely. Great people and a great cause — I was a supporter but not fervent before and I now have a Tina Smith sign in my yard.

Tuesday was a small event at Surly for Mental Health Minnesota. This annual party is a very low-key event during Mental Health Awareness Week that is always fund and educational and really important.

Thursday night was the Gala for another cause near and dear to my heart, the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. Our dear friend Anders Christensen was being honored, and I think I have found the way for PAM to fill their events — honor Anders every year, his contingent of admirers was huge! It was very inspiring to see the projects honored across the state and to talk to others working hard to preserve so many great places.

If I missed you at those, I still have the Circus Juventas Gala coming up on November 2 where I attend, Patrick rigs, and Beatrix is selling beads for the Heads or Tails game. And the FilmNorth Gala at Sweet Chow on November 15, honoring Debra Granik and Al Milgrom, hosted by Robyne Robinson! Come join me at one or both — I'll buy you a drink!

(Posts like this dedicated to my dad, who always used to use them to find out what I was up to, rather than just calling to ask. Sigh).


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