MEA Sunday

Unlike the rest of Minnesota, we didn't go away for MEA weekend — too much to do at my dad's. But today, on a perfect fall day, we decided to head to Marine on Saint Croix for a mini day-trip.

We got to hike around the Marine Mill ruins, follow the stream a bit, and visit my friend Emily's jewel fo a shop, Highway North. We poked around the general store, watched the river, and kicked up leaves. We spent some magical time down at the shore of the river and in the boardwalk area walking up to the mini waterfall. I was able to think nostalgically of high school days spent at my friend Georgeanna's family compound at "the River." It was a lovely escape.

Then tonight, we were able to go to the Barebones show, which Beatrix had never attended (meaning it's been a long time since we have gone as well!) This year, my long-time friend Tara was the co-director, and was able to really evoke the magic that this annual ritual intrinsically possesses. My favorite part where sets of large, white, blank-faced people-shaped puppets, who started out pointing accusingly at each other and ended up as fire-lit screens for magical shadow puppets.

Lest you all think that it's always sunshine and pixie dust around here, I'll also note that we had a big enough fight over picking out a pumpkin from a picturesque patch that finally Patrick and I declared we're not even having a jack-o-lantern this year, and we've threatened to cancel all Halloween activities after Beatrix bemoaned at bedtime that this was the "worst MEA weekend ever." Just keeping it real here....


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