Awhile back I posted about stretching my horizons...

I was cast in a web series called The Overachievers by Wonderlust Productions. a company run by Leah Cooper and Alan Berks, who I have known for years. These are people who I commiserated with when we each did our first 990s, who made sure I got invited to parties when I needed company as I was getting divorced, whose toaster oven I bought when they sold all their things and drove to Central America. They are awesome and incredible people, and although Wonderlust's mission is to cast community members alongside with professional actors, I really have no idea why on earth they decided to cast me.

But they did, and the process has been great. The web series is their first big foray into film, and between the direction, the fantastic cast, and their ace Director of Photography, Pete, it's been a wild and incredible ride. Earlier this week, we shot Episode 4, which is set in a theatre space. Today, so shooting out of order (as you do in film), we did Episode 1, where you meet this family of overachievers. And it was a l-o-n-g day of shooting, starting when the snow flurries were falling this morning and ending around 5:00 (or, as Beatrix said "longer than a school day.")

That's right, Beatrix was there too, because there were a few youth roles. It was her first foray into film as well, and I was super-impressed by her patience and persistence.

(I'm not saying anything else about the plot or such because I want you to watch it when it comes out!)

It's been a long time since I've done shows — usually, for as long as I can remember, I've been on the admin side where I get to maybe see *some* of the production process while I balance the other tasks. So to be in this endeavor, and to act (such as it was), and to be a part of building this with the amazing cast and crew, was so, so important to me right now.


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