However, 2018 has had some good points as well, especially in stretching myself.

I went with Beatrix, two of her friends, and their moms up to a magical dogsledding weekend at Wintermoon Summersun, which reminded me of my love of the outdoors. It was absolutely magical.

We hiked 5 national parks in Utah over 5 days over spring break, visited friends in Denver, and drove home through Iowa in a blizzard.

We went to Iceland for a week, meeting amazing people and exploring the incredible geography.

Thanks to my friend Bethany, I created some subversive scrapbooking pages and made my first State Fair entry (no ribbon, but...)

I auditioned for, and was cast in, The Overachievers web series through Wonderlust Productions, which was an amazing experience. (I also got featured in a piece on Ramsey Hill, coming out in 2019).

My friend Sarah pitched some of my writing to the Minnesota Women's Press, who invited me to write a piece on the Summit house. I'm so proud and want to do more!

My preservation firm won a bid on a civil rights project in Waterloo, Iowa, that I get to work with Patrick on in the next year.

Beatrix and I were given the honor of being in my sister-in-law Patrice's wedding in New Orleans, an amazing celebration of love and culture.

I got to spend time with a much-loved husband, an amazing daughter, and the best friends a woman can have.


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