Small Business Christmas

"Everyone always says they want retail in developments," remarked a friend of mine after a community meeting the other day, "but I wonder if they know how hard it is?"

A few Christmases ago we started to make a concerted effort to buy at small stores for gifts. Maybe it meant a smaller gift, but almost always a more meaningful one (we make many of our gifts, too, but let's face it, there's only so much time....)

This year, that's been somewhat challenging. My favorite store, Vibrant, closed in September. The store that I've counted on for my whole life, the Bibelot Shop, is closing (though I've stopped by the sale. Another favorite, Sixth Chamber Books, is no longer purchasing books (uh-oh), and Traditions is closing its Grand Avenue store (not that I am likely to buy anyone a couch, but...)

But the good thing is that this year seems to have a bumper crop of pop-up markets, where we've been able to buy directly from the source. We've been to ones at breweries and even at Beatrix's school, where we've gotten some unique gifts (and a few things for ourselves). Many of my artist friends have provided me with great gifts and ideas (talk to me if you want a connection to Traveling Tomten or Ahava Creative or some other great places!) (or if you want a Chinook Book — I still have a few I'm selling for Beatrix's school).

And some of my other favorite stores, like Highway North  and Up Six Vintage have great stuff, and Wet Paint and the Grand Hand Gallery seem to be doing well under new ownership.

So make an effort to shop at smaller places this year for those last-minute gifts, and see what an impact you can make with your shopping!


bethanyg said…
And here's NOT how to do small business Christmas shopping:

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