Crafty Christmas

This is probably the point where I should admit my utter addiction to craft blogs. I LOVE looking through them and fantasizing about all the lovely things I could make it I just had the time...Plus, the blogs themselves are amazing — tons of entries, great pictures, all kinds of creative ideas. My idea of a perfect afternoon would be a gift card to a craft store and several hours to wander around, even if I got little done afterwards. There's a lot to be learned from craft blogs.

I especially value homemade holiday gifts, and I wanted to pass on that value to Beatrix. So this year, we made candles for her teachers and for some of the people I work with. They were dead easy — just design the monograms, cut out, and Modge Podge onto candles. But I think they look nice, Beatrix enjoyed helping me, and we even bough the materials at local independent stores. I can post a picture now, since I have given them all to their intended recipients:

Tonight I also made batches of caramel corn for our neighbors who helped dig us out after the last snowstorm. The house smells fantastic!

On a more commercial note, we took Beatrix to see Santa tonight. It was just a mall Santa, and we did not spring for the photo package or anything. But she was so excited to see the "real Santa," she even brought our decorative Santa hat to show him. She was thrilled to sit on his lap and tell him she wanted a "princess teddy bear" (he looked at me to make sure I nodded before he said "ok.") We've been playing Santa at home for the last couple of days, so the simple act of being able to take her to see him was wonderful.


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