A Tale of Two Saint Paul Bars

Ok, at some point I'll stop it with the heavy-handed bar philosophizing, but tonight it seemed right.

We, like everyone else in the Twin Cities, are snowed in. Maybe even more so, since Patrick is specifically prohibited from shoveling, brushing off cars, even driving because of his neck surgery. I am not looking forward to starting the dig out tonight.

But in any case, we did make it through the drifts to the neighbors' Christmas party, and were talking to another neighbor. She was saying that, in the storm last week, she was stuck and had some kind of mechanical car issue, all late at night (she has 2 jobs, so is constantly at work). Stuck in the street, she went over to Sweeney's to ask for help. They flat out told her it was "impossible" for anyone to help her (and none of the patrons offered, either).

Desperate, she went down the street to the Muddy Pig. They not only sent their burliest staff member down to get her out (with plenty of patrons also offering to help), but after they got her out, he invited her back to the bar and bought her a beer. So today, she figured it was payback time, and helped several others out of the drifts (thereby proving my friend Meghan's sentiment — "Minnesota: your car might get stuck in a snowbank, but random strangers will always show up to push you out.")

With that in mind, which bar do you think my neighbor will pick next time she goes out? Or that I will? Or anyone else who heard the story?


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