Town Talk Diner

As my friend Kate put it, one of the biggest falls from grace in the Twin Cities restaurant scene.

We just drove through the snow on a rare date night (and because we had an expiring DealStork). Let's just say that as we left we were tempted to tell the couple coming in that they might want to hit Denny's across the street instead.

We went because we last summer we went to a Clockwork party that hired out TT bartenders, and at which Patrick had one of the best old-fashioneds of his life. Those bartenders must have been part of the staff walk-out or something. His old-fashioned tonight was watery, flavorless, and to add insult to injury was served in a wineglass (thus only about half the pour after the ice was added).

They were out of many of the items on the menu, which I never take as a good sign. My grilled cheese, a simple enough dish to prepare, was seriously akin to the Denny's. Patrick's meat pie, talked up as as one of the stellar items that the new chef was making, was skimpy on the meat and served in a bowl with a puffed topping that cleverly disguised that the bowl was less than half full below. It was a smaller serving than a cup of soup.

The room was more or less empty, just a few other tables, and absolutely freezing. We didn't stay for dessert, even though we were still hungry, because they were also out of most of the items on the dessert menu. And let's just say I don't think it was because of the mad dinner rush that arrived before us.

We are seriously now back home and heating up frozen food from Trader Joe's. The whole thing makes me really sad, and angry at myself for wasting a rare night out.

(Just got a text though from Clara, who had taken Beatrix to the Holidazzle parade while we were out. Beatrix loved the parade, so at least one of us had a great night. And Patrick and I did have some alone time, which was nice.)


Leah said…
That really sucks. I used to love that place and had many a great meal there. I haven't been there since the staff changeover and based on this, I don't think I'll be going.

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