They must have noticed I was eyeing a Nook.

I was a Kindle early adopter; I got the K1 soon after Beatrix was born and it's the device that saved me during 9 months of almost exclusive pumping. It has also caused me to be less cranky about people being late (if I don't have the device on me, I can even read on my phone!), and made travel much easier.

But lately, I've been Not So Enamored. E-book prices, which used to never be over $9.99, have gone up, and I've been putting most things on hold at the library (I am currently #46 of 77 holds for one book, thank you for asking, but many are faster). The battery on my Kindle is really starting to go, as in it only lasts a few hours. And I've been having some recent download issues that have taken some long customer service calls to solve. And, unlike other e-readers, you can't "borrow" e-books form the library.

Today, Amazon announced Kindle lending. I'll be the first to say, it's still not perfect. Only some books are available to lend, and it's not intuitive to suss which are and are not. You're "locked out" of your version when it's lent (presumably, you've already read it). You can only lend for 14 days, which is plenty long to me. The biggest problem, I think, is that you can only lend each book once, whereas with a physical copy, I am used to lending all I want "Hey, Elaine and I both loved this, you should read it!"

Still, it's better than nothing, and I am eager to give it a try. It apparently works also with the Kindle app on the iPad, iPhone, etc. There's more information here.

This is what I have to loan, first come first served:

The Hunger Games
Jane Austen Ruined My Life
The Rose Variations
Sarah's Key
Love The One You're With

(plus several I downloaded just because they were free, but that seems kind of pointless...)

Anyone got anything great they want to lend me?

Updated because we came home from a playdate this morning, and patrick handed me the new Kindle he had ordered for me.

I have the best husband ever.


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