Coffee as a Unit of Measurement

How many times are you told "If you just skip that latte a couple of times a week, you could save for retirement/fund your child's 529 plan/give more to charity/pay off your credit card/go on that European vacation"? I would bet, though, that the majority of us do not have such a caffeinated beverage issue that we are heading to Starbuck's on a constant basis — or if we do, that we value that espresso enough that we have made it a purchasing priority. I know for myself that most of my coffee is brewed at home, and carried with me in my trusty Contigo mug.

What I have lost lately is the routine of meeting people for coffee — for a meeting or just to catch up. My time has seemed especially limited, so when I meet someone, it's often for lunch, so that I can be sure to actually get something to eat (otherwise I am likely just not to make time, and snack on junk food at my desk all afternoon). But it seems like this is happening to others, too, and my favorite coffeeshops are slowly turning into full-service restaurants. The latest is Muddy Waters, which is moving up Lyndale to offer a full menu, and I hope it's a good move for them.

But it makes me think that I need to take a little more time to enjoy a cup of coffee some afternoon with a friend. Want to meet up?


Liz said…
Yup. I'm free. When are you?

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