Unassuming But Nice

I got to spend some date time with Patrick tonight, in a couple of last-minute ways...

First of all, his conference call got cancelled, so we made a last-minute trip to the Mall of America to do some returns. It's a very different place without a toddler in tow! We had wanted to try Crave for years and had a $5 gift card, so checked it out for happy hour — I have to say "meh" on the food and drinks, though the company was lovely!

Then, thanks to Heidi's babysitting offer, we headed down to the #SMBMSP event at CoCo with Chank. A small crowd, but lovely people — I was very pleased to get to meet some of the people that Patrick knows and networks with. The ever-lovely Kate O'Reilly was there, and any night is made better with her in it! Sorry to have missed the #mnwomenstweetup, though.


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