Send for the Warden!

Tonight, for date night, we went to a reading of Belarus Free Theater's Being Harold Pinter, coordinated by Skewed Visions and read by Bedlam Theatre, HOBT, and Frank Theatre (among others).

Remember the riots following the December elections in Belarus? We get so involved in our "revolution of the moment" that we forget that other struggles still have not ended, but following apparent election fraud in Belarus, over 50,000 people took to the streets in protest. Over a thousand were arrested, including several members of the Belarus Free Theater. Many are still imprisoned.

You can suppress artists, but you can't suppress their art. In an international appeal, theatres all over the world called for readings of the Free Theater's Being Harold Pinter during the month of January to raise support for and awareness of the issues in Belarus. The Free Theater, whose members were eventually released and who is now performing in Chicago, is currently banned in their home country.

The reading itself was impressive, and brought up a lot of discussion between Patrick and myself, and a lot to think about. If you want to begin to ponder these issues as well, here's the website: Send for the Warden.


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