2012 Resolutions

Alright, here I go...

1) Learn to knit.
2) Write 100 paper letters to various people in my life, telling them something I really like about them.
3) Pay more attention to the communities in which I live and work — notice details and changes.
4) Actively promote and advance my friends — connect them with people, ideas, and opportunities.
5) Renovate the new house we just bought (this is kind of a no-brainer, since the city has a timeline on it and since my MIL is moving up to move into it in 6 months)

and two continued from last year:

6) Exercise more, eat better.
7) Have (at least) one friend/couple/whatever that we don't see enough over for dinner a month. (I may even throw in the challenge to cooke something from my friend Robin's cookbook for that meal!)

Two I would like but are harder to measure:

8) Be more creative — make more things. Maybe quantify by "Make one new thing a month."
9) Make our home a more comfortable, relaxing place to be.


Ok, off in the rain/snow/sleet to a NYE party in NE Minneapolis. Excited to go, but dreading the weather and keeping Beatrix up — but we bought a big cake to bring, so we have to go!


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