Falling Into Place

A few weeks back my Facebook statuses got everyone all excited because I posted about "things falling into place." No, we didn't buy the house we were lusting after on Summit, basically because we already love the two houses we already have and are having a hard time choosing between them! But a lot of other things have been coming together:

- I picked up two more ongoing clients, which I am really excited about.
- ALL THREE organizational development proposals to MRAC that I was on board for got funded — add those to my standing clients and to several other projects, and I will be a busy girl!
- Meanwhile, Patrick is on course with his next book, and was selected to chair a major conference.
- We were able to rent out the Summit house to a very charming gentleman for the Christmas holidays, and thanks to the Blessings, purchased some great cork flooring to redo the sunroom.
- Our daycare schedule changed, and while it originally looked like it would be a major issue, has turned out to give Beatrix more school time, equal time with Alex, and less cost! (plus maybe even some date nights for us).
- Patrick worked hard to get some new shelving up in the basement, so we are on our way to organization.
- I got a great deal on some more pilates passes at the Sweatshop, so will be able to continue!

(oh, and when I originally posted that it looked like I would be able to FINALLY attend Books and Bars — that feel through, but at least Rebecca and I had a great evening at WA Frost lounge last night!)

Stay tuned for more good news...


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